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Marco Waaland - a life well lived,
January 18, 1955- April 28, 2007.

Founded by Marco Waaland, Ecologist
His work establishing wetland mitigation banks changed the way
government does business and placed Waaland at the forefront
of environmental protection policies. (Click) to read more.

GBB is referring all future work to Wiemeyer Ecological Sciences

Darren Wiemeyer, Ecologist
Wiemeyer Ecological Sciences
4527 Montgomery Drive,
Suite E Santa Rosa, CA 95409
p (707) 573-1770 f (707) 542-8841

Please contact Wetland Services for your mitigation banking inquiries: wetlandservices.com

October 15, 2007

It is with great pleasure that Golden Bear Biostudies (GBB) announces the transition of our business to Wiemeyer Ecological Sciences (WES). WES is a newly created ecological consulting firm founded by former GBB ecologist, Darren Wiemeyer. WES will build off the pioneering work of Golden Bear Biostudies and has the resources, ecological background and field experience to offer premium ecological consulting services in an ever-changing regulatory climate.

Under the supervision of Marco Waaland, Darren was the senior ecologist and project manager for GBB. His education and work experience in the field uniquely qualifies Darren to work successfully as an independent ecologist. Darren maintains a strong working relationship with several highly distinguished biologists and ecologists. These associations provide the benefit of collaboration, peer review and additional expertise.   We are confident that Darren will treat GBB clients and projects with the vision, integrity and creativity that made Marco’s company so successful.

Marco started GBB in 1986. He built his consulting firm into a service oriented firm that remained on the forefront of the profession. Marco’s untimely passing in April of 2007 left GBB with a void that ultimately proved to be too big to fill. During Marco’s illness and in the months following Marco’s death, it has largely been as a result of Darren’s hard work and integrity that we were able to continue to perform work for our clients during this difficult period.

Marco’s wife, Janessa Oliger-Waaland, co-owner of Golden Bear Biostudies, has retired the name of Golden Bear Biostudies as a tribute and honor to Marco and his career. Darren will build on Marco’s legacy with his own company name, his own vision and a very bright future.